Watson Barry

hi, I'm Watson

& I'm a product designer

I design to have a real impact, not for the personal spotlight, but so that the world is an easier place to interact with. I’ve always told myself that actions speak louder than words, so I have a hard time writing about myself. Good thing for editing, this is v.73-final-final.

In the recent past, I finished up a contract position with the startup Streetalk, where I designed and tested a prototype for their language and culture learning app. In the process, I helped the team validate their value proposition and establish their market differentiation. This was part of the capstone project for the UX Bootcamp, Designation. 

In my past-life as a bar-manager, I utilized my ability to think on my feet to organize a team of diverse perspectives in a client-facing environment at an award-winning cocktail bar in San Francisco. I discovered UX when I realized the systems I was implementing to improve guest experience and increase profit margins were based on heuristic principles.
I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and placing myself in the unknown since I feel it gives me a better understanding of the world around me. Outside of design this manifests itself frequently in experiencing new cultures through international travel. I am a surfer, accomplished awkward dancer, and a nerd for collectible card-games and patterns. Always looking for the next opportunity to learn something new and happily embarrass myself in the pursuit of growth.

I’m currently looking for new opportunities, and I’m willing to relocate. Contact me and see how I can help your team.
Living life outside of my comfort zone
...and taking photos of the dogs I meet along the way


2nd Place 2018 Heaven Hill Bartender of the Year 
2019 Liquor.com's World's Essential Bars List - The Treasury
(team/program I managed)
1st Place in 2017 RumFest SF Regional Finals
1st Place in 2017 Sandeman Cocktail Competition
3rd Place 2017 Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience SF Regional Finals
2019 Arpa International Film Festival Nominated Best Animated Short ‘The Ribbon.’
(worked as a storyartist)
National Finalist 2017 Opihr Gin World Adventure Competition